Posted on 5 Oct 2022

Product Update - September 2022

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As the weather starts to cool and we head into Autumn, we have a bunch of exciting product updates and feature additions to share with you.

Here’s a run-down of everything you need to know from September.

New tab for technology insights

A powerful tool we’ve recently added is a new technology tab within the Prospecting area. This tab details the various types of technology businesses are currently using – whether that be what their website is built on, what payment gateway it uses, the card types it takes, the web tracking and marketing tools they use, and more.

Users can benefit from this new addition in a few different ways:

  • Tech companies can gain insight into which companies are currently providing that prospect with a product/service to gain a better understanding of their competitors

  • Helps to cut out wasted prospecting time and energy for those companies that only work with a certain type of client – eCommerce-only or businesses connected to Stripe, for example

  • Create a more powerful sales pitch by researching the cost, for example, of a prospect’s current technology and tailoring outreach to show the additional value their tool can bring.

Further improvements to our Prospecting feature

As always, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our product for our customers. So, in addition to the new technology insights tab, we’ve made some additional changes to our Prospecting area.

Firstly, clients can now search industry subcategories, whereas previously these could only be found after clicking into a main industry category. Having the ability to search both makes it even easier and quicker to pinpoint the exact types of businesses you want to work with.

Secondly, users can share prospect entries and details via URL. If a URL is shared with a customer who is logged in to the platform, it will bring up all company information as usual. However, if a URL is shared with someone who is not an active, logged-in customer, they will be unable to access any details.

Finally, within the Formations section in the Prospecting area, there are additional filters enabling users to search for newly-formed companies based on incorporated date and industry.

A fresh website with a new look

If you haven’t already noticed, our website has had a fresh makeover. This is being updated and added to every day, so keep an eye out throughout the next few months. Have a look at what’s changed so far, here.

Free resource to improve outreach

Along with our new-look website, we’ve created a brand new resource to further help sales and business development teams outreach successfully. Introducing: cold email templates.

We’ve published our top-performing cold email templates and made them openly available to download, copy, edit and use through our website. We’ll be adding to these as time goes on to help you power your prospecting. Check out this new resource here.

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