Posted on 4 Nov 2022

Product Update – October 2022

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October was a big month for product enhancements. Check out everything you need to know in this roundup.

Our talented technology teams were hard at work throughout October to bring you some exciting product updates and features, including our all-new platform plans. Here's what's new:

Meet the new platform plans: Agency, Prospecting and Sales

We recently launched three new platform plans to ensure all Clarity Stack customers – no matter their business type or size – get the most value from our solution. Each one offers a different level of business data and lead generation support depending on the need and nature of the organisation.

  • The Agency Edition provides a steady stream of live and upcoming new business opportunities through our Contracts, Insights and Intel features. This plan has been designed to support agency model businesses or smaller organisations that do not have the time or resources to prospect, therefore only requiring support in finding real-time RFPs/tenders or procurement queries to respond directly to.

  • The Prospecting Edition provides the opposite – unlimited access to our rich prospecting database bursting with information for over 10 million registered businesses and direct contact details for key decision-makers. This plan gives users access to our Prospects and Insights features, designed to support businesses with a dedicated sales and/or marketing team that require fresh business data to build targeted lists for their outreach campaigns.

  • The Sales Edition combines both plans, providing access to the entire Clarity Stack product, including all four key features within our platform: Prospects, Intel, Contracts and Insights. This plan gives users everything they need for an efficient and successful sales operation. 

Our Leads feature is available to purchase as a bolt-on to any of the above plans.

User dashboards for a holistic view

Included with all three platform plans is a new user dashboard. The dashboard is set as the default screen once logged in and is features-based; what you will see depends on your package. The dashboard is updated in real-time and provides an overview of the various elements of your chosen plan and key areas of interest to you each time you enter the platform. These include search criteria (for a more tailored experience), recently viewed companies, saved searches, and recently added leads (if our Leads feature is part of your package).

A new home for social intelligence

Previously, social intelligence data was accessible within the Insights tab. With our latest release, we decided it was time to give social intelligence an area of its own to improve user experience and enable us to enhance the existing feature. Social information can now be found within a new Intel tab, and is included within both the Agency and Sales Edition plans. In addition, users can now provide feedback for any opportunities not relevant to them for a more tailored experience and view sector tags making it easier to filter and find the most applicable entries.

Introducing self-sign up

The Agency and Prospecting Editions are both accessible via self-sign-up, with no need for a call with our sales teams. Introducing self-sign-up means new customers, or existing customers signing up for one of the new plans, get access to the software faster than before – increasing time-to-value.

Improvements to search result accuracy

With continuous improvement always top of mind, we’ve made search and filtering updates in various places to provide you with even more accurate and relevant results.

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