Posted on 4 Jul 2022

Product Update - June/July 2022

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June and July saw the biggest shake-up of our product offerings to date.

Our existing products (Data, Insights, and Leads) were originally three separate platforms requiring multiple subscriptions and log-ins. But no one needs extra hassle in their lives, which is why we decided to simplify the user experience and combine our offerings into a single, all-in-one, powerhouse of a platform. Let’s dig into the details…

Time for change

The merging of our separate sales stack products means we’re able to further streamline our offerings and help businesses champion a more efficient sales process enabling them to close even more deals than before.

What’s more, shifting focus to one overarching platform and investing in cutting-edge machine learning technology allows our sales intelligence to become more accurate and valuable to users – enabling them to make more effective fact-based sales decisions for faster revenue growth.

A tailored platform

The new platform hosts five key features – with customers able to build a tailored package depending on what’s required.

These features are:

  • Prospects - a database detailing millions of companies and contact information for key decision-makers

  • Contracts - RFP/tender database detailing open, awarded or future contracts including all relevant documentation, contact details and the ability to save to a list or share via email

  • Leads - no technical changes from our previous Leads product other than a redesign

  • Insights - intelligence and indicators that a company requires particular services either now or in the future – from tracking hundreds of thousands of news articles allowing us to determine a likely buying requirement

  • Lists and searches - an area that stores all pre-built lists and searches with the ability to export

General software improvements 

With the new platform release, users can now create a team (rather than limiting access to individuals only) and invite others to join, improving collaboration and enabling businesses to gain even more value from the product.

Plus, with added personalisation and the ability to save and edit a default search to ensure users only ever view what’s relevant to them, the overall experience is more intuitive than ever.

Not forgetting our mobile app, which has also been updated on iOS and Android, to ensure all new leads are pulled through along with a new Insights tab ready for when we launch new functionality in the coming months. If you missed the news about our new app, you can catch up on our press release here.

Additions to our customer support system

Our customer support system is accessible 24/7 and has recently been updated with more FAQs and product how-tos, with an experienced member of our team on the other end ready to answer any questions. To view the latest additions, click the “We are here!” button at the bottom right-hand side of our website.

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