Posted on 1 Sep 2022

Product Update - August 2022

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While many people were off enjoying their summer break over recent weeks, our dedicated tech team were working hard to bring you the latest updates to our platform.

Here’s a round-up of the key updates that went live across the Clarity Stack platform in August.

Social intelligence insights

We recently integrated social intelligence into our Insights feature. This addition means that whenever anyone publicly states they are searching for recommendations or require a particular service via their social accounts, these details are fed straight through to our platform for users to see.

Plus, with the ability to search social intelligence by sector, it’s now easier than ever to find the latest, most relevant, new business opportunities that would usually only be viewed by the individual’s social followers or connections.

Improvements to our Leads feature

Our latest update brings the ability to export not only prospecting lists, but published leads within a couple of clicks, making it simple for users to work through their new opportunities offline or share lead details with colleagues who may not have platform access.

Published leads can now be viewed by all team members – not just team owners – creating transparency and removing potential bottlenecks to enable quicker and more efficient outreach from anyone in the team.

What’s more, the Leads tab is no longer shown in the platform for clients who do not utilise our Leads feature, further simplifying the user experience and de-cluttering client view.

Enriched contact data

Within the prospects area, the contact tab for each business has been enriched with additional company details, to better arm users and provide them with as much data as possible for a better chance of outreach success. 

To streamline the user experience, contact ‘quick view’ has been removed from the prospects page. This now leaves a single-click option which opens one screen that contains all available business details and everything the user could possibly need.

General website updates

Various improvements have been made to our website, including:

Plus, we’ve recently introduced a new page dedicated to product updates where we round up the key upgrade details you need to know, split into short and sweet monthly articles (just like this one). The product updates page is accessible via both the main website and the client-side platform.

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