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Posted on 9 Aug 2022

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Where Does Clarity Stack Get Its Data From?

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Clarity Stack has a database of more than 10 million contacts in decision making roles within business around the world - but where does the data come from?

Data privacy is, rightly, a major consideration for businesses with concerns growing as new technologies are released and implemented. Data, depending on how it is interpreted, can be used and adapted in a wealth of ways including to tailor marketing and sales campaigns or to identify new trends but it is important that it is collected and kept correctly, and legally.

Whenever we speak to a prospective customer they understandably want to know where we get our data from. After all, key contact information for millions of people don’t just appear overnight, and what’s to say that the details are even accurate? People change jobs all the time and our customers don’t want to spend time reaching out to someone who left a company three years ago, or - worse - building a relationship with someone who doesn’t have the power to influence new business or investment decisions. 

B2B data and sales insights you can trust

We’ll go into more detail about where the B2B data in our platform comes from shortly, but the most important thing to note about all of the information held by Clarity Stack is that it is held in accordance with the law, meeting all requirements such as GDPR in the UK and the CCPA in the US. 

All of the data is kept fresh and accurate through a combination of manual researching and industry-leading AI. By combining the two methods we ensure not only the quantity of data that our customers require to build their new prospecting campaigns, but more importantly the quality of data they need to invest their time wisely. 

As outlined earlier, nobody wants to be reaching out to a potential prospect who left a company years ago, and sometimes a company is still registered even if it has closed down (something which has affected many throughout the pandemic). By using AI we can gather vast amounts of high quality B2B data, that is then manually reviewed to ensure that it meets legal requirements as well as our own high standards before displaying that information to our customers. 

So, where does the data come from?

At Clarity Stack we take a lot of the concern over personal data privacy out of the equation by only collecting business contact information, specifically related to the company and its employees. We do not collect or store any kind of personal data such as a person’s home address, financial information or similar; and instead only focus on the business contact data that our customers (and prospective customers) are interested in. 

We want to ensure that the B2B data available in the Clarity Stack platform helps one business reach out to another as part of a new sales or marketing campaign and that’s why we only store business contact information such as work email addresses, where the company is located, publicly available company financials and specific job roles.

The information that we gather comes from a variety of sources and, as mentioned, is all completely legally gathered and stored according to national requirements like GDPR and CCPA. 

Our in-house tech and development team have built a unique, custom suite of machine learning tools that allow us to extract business information and intelligence from multiple sources. We monitor publicly available details across millions of websites, news feeds and company registries that are able to extract B2B data at scale and collect only the specific business information we - and you - need. 

We then categorise the data that has been collected, verify it and present it to you in our platform. It can then be searched and filtered to your requirements depending on how you wish to use the data. 

Our tools allow us to retrieve new data on a regular basis so you can rest assured that we have the most up-to-date information available, ensuring that no valuable time is wasted reaching out to employees who have left a business or companies that are no longer open for business. 

We have recently added a brand new layer of manual research to our process so we can audit and add to the information collected by our primary methods, adding an extra layer of validation and quality assurance. 

What if my details are in the Clarity Stack platform, and I don’t want them to be?

We want you to be able to have as much control over your own business contact information as you do over the B2B data you can see as part of your subscription. So, with that in mind, if you do not want to be included in our database or if you notice anything that is incorrect and in need of changing then you can simply drop us a message or give us a call and we will remove your information from the platform. Simple.

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