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What To Look For In A Lead Generation Platform

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If you’re looking for a lead generation platform to help boost your opportunities to make sales, then there are a few key factors to bear in mind. In this article we’ll go into what you need to consider, and how you should judge the right lead generation platform for you.

Quality vs. Quantity

One of the key differences between lead generation platforms is around whether they focus on quality or quantity. There are plenty of lead generation companies out there that will give you hundreds of leads a month, however they’re often at a low quality level. For instance, the contact details may be wrong, the prospect may not really be looking for any services, or the lead may be second hand, old, or being farmed out to hundreds of potential service providers.

The most important thing is to find a lead generation platform that delivers quantity and quality. At Clarity Stack we aim to deliver an average of 6-10 new leads to you each week where possible, with each piece of information being first hand, relevant, and tailored to what you offer your prospective clients.


As mentioned above, one of the biggest factors that causes people to fail with lead generation platforms is a lack of exclusivity. A lead that gets sent to 500 companies to battle over, can barely be considered a lead.

The prospect will get back to back calls from numerous companies who only tenuously fit with what they may need. Naturally, this doesn’t work for either side.

At Clarity Stack we recently developed a new product in the form of our exclusive lead generation package which means that every lead you receive as part of this subscription is exclusive to you. Not only that, our research team have qualified and validated the lead before it reaches your account, and the lead is waiting for your call to discuss the opportunity.

Lead Delivery

How the leads get delivered to you in each system is important too. In the financial services industry it’s common place for leads to be put through on the phone there and then with just a call whisper explaining where it’s from before hand. The issue with delivery like this is that it gives you no time to prepare for the prospective customer.

With Clarity Stack, we place all of the information you need into your account – complete with what the need is, info on the company, their situation, and the contact details of the key decision maker. This gives you the time to do your homework, reach out at the optimum time, and build a relationship to make that sale.

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