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Posted on 3 Aug 2022

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How to Enrich Your B2B Data for Maximum Impact

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The better the quality of the data you have at your disposal, the better your prospects are of converting leads into customers.

It sounds quite simple when you think about it, but there are still plenty of businesses who are not using the data they have to its full potential. B2B data, as we covered recently on the Clarity Stack blog, is one of the most important assets you could have at your disposal, but if you’re just looking for more and more information it can actually have a negative impact on performance. 

Quality over quantity has never been more true in this respect, and b2b data enrichment could be the silver bullet that you’re looking for to ensure that your next marketing or sales campaign hits home and delivers the important leads or sales that you’re craving. 

What is data enrichment?

Put simply, data enrichment is the process of adding additional value to the data that you already have. When you think of b2b data you might think about geographical or financial information about a prospect, but enriching that data with something even more valuable could help you to prioritise certain leads over others because now is the opportune moment to reach out and engage them in conversation. 

Without that extra bit of information you might have missed that chance to pitch to your perfect prospect for a game-changing bit of business.

What data enrichment does is add that extra bit of qualification to your lead. Sure, you might have an internal lead scoring method in place already that establishes whether or not you should be spending time on a particular prospect, but sometimes you don’t get the full picture - it’s like there’s something obscuring the most valuable part. 

When your marketing team is fully equipped with that enriched b2b data, they can pass it on to the sales team who can move the lead seamlessly down the pipeline rather than suffering frustrating blockages caused by a lack of detail. 

How to use your enriched b2b data

So, now you’re fully equipped with the magical, enriched b2b data that is going to change your marketing and sales process forever. Now what? What do you do with it?

The first thing you need to do is hold back from firing a mass email out to every single person in your prospecting list, and put some effort into researching who on that list is your priority - and go from there. 

If you know that your target audience for a new campaign is a particular demographic and that you’re pitching your product at people in specific job roles, segment your audience accordingly and this will help to filter your list down from hundreds, thousands or even millions to a select few who are more likely to be engaged right here, right now. 

You also have the potential to go down a relatively new route known as account-based marketing, often abbreviated to ABM. This form of outreach is done on an individual-by-individual basis and is particularly feasible when you have enriched b2b data at your disposal. 

With access to people’s names, job roles and their direct contact information you can reach out to them directly to engage them in conversation. You could connect on platforms such as LinkedIn, then once connected you can reach out by email or phone to thank them, have a conversation and let them know what you thought of some of their recent work or company news that you found by looking on their company website or LinkedIn, explaining why you wanted to connect with them and how you might be able to take the conversation forward. 

ABM is an increasingly popular and highly effective form of marketing communications, and something that wouldn’t be half as effective without enriching your existing data. 


The better the information you have on anything, the better equipped you are to perform to the highest standard. It’s like everything - if you have the fastest car, you’ll win the race; if you have the best team, you’ll win the match and if you have the best equipment, you can be more productive. 

With the right, high quality b2b data you can make your marketing and sales campaigns far more effective. You’ll spend less time on dead-end leads, freeing up time for you to speak to those who are engaged and interested in what you have to offer. 

So, if you’re tired of spending your working week filtering through spreadsheets of generic data, book a Clarity Stack demo and see how our b2b data stacks up.

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