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Posted on 23 Sep 2022

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Case Study - Hatch Films

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Hatch Films, formerly known as Signature Pictures Academy, are an award-winning film production company from Central London.

Specialists in fiction films and corporate videos for businesses of all sizes and across various sectors, Hatch Films signed up to a subscription in June 2021 they were looking for ways in which they could identify and pitch for new video production opportunities. 

The problem - and the solution

The Co-Founders, Robert and Glen, have extensive experience in the industry and came to us to help them take the business forward into new markets.

Meet Hugo, as we were known at the time, was designed to offer sales insights and new business leads for businesses that were tailored to their specific needs in terms of various factors that included geographical location, budget, timescales and value. 

It wasn’t long before Glen and his team began to benefit from our exclusive lead package. This particular product offering allowed companies to receive a specific number of leads each month that were matched to their specifications helping to open doors to new opportunities that very few companies were even aware of - and certainly no other Meet Hugo subscriber. 

Each exclusive lead was presented to their account complete with contact information so they could reach out and engage the lead in conversation, the potential value of the project and more; with a dedicated Customer Success Manager available should they have any questions or concerns.

“As a small organisation it really feels like an extension of the team,” Glen said. “Emma, our account manager, is always on-hand for any questions and helps us with the leads as well.”

Meet Hugo, like Signature Pictures, have now rebranded to Clarity Stack and continue to work closely with the ever-evolving Hatch Films team.

The results

Having invested more than £13,000 in Clarity Stack since the start of their subscription the Hatch Films team were looking for not only good quality opportunities, but opportunities that they could win and help to generate a positive return on their investment in our remodelled B2B data and sales insight platform. As a company who had overseen a rebrand themselves, Hatch Films kept faith with Clarity Stack as we moved away from pure lead generation and gave us some very positive feedback.

“We’ve been with Clarity Stack from the Meet Hugo days, and the natural progression to B2B data really hits the mark,” Glen told us.

Not only that, Hatch Films recently secured their latest piece of business - a £3,900 project for a charitable organisation in the UK - taking them past £55,000-worth of earnings through the leads made available through their Clarity Stack account. This represents a staggering 850 percent return on investment.

“We run a small team that doesn’t always have time to work on our outbound sales cycle,” Glen said. “Clarity Stack has really changed how we work in terms of having B2B contracts readily available as well as an almost constant stream of leads.”

Customer Success Manager at Clarity Stack, Emma Darlow, is understandably delighted to receive news of yet another client win for Glen and the team and says “It’s been a real joy working with Glen over the last year and watching the success they’ve had with our platform. I couldn’t be happier for them.”

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Case Study: Hatch Films

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