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Posted on 25 Oct 2022

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Case Study - Bobble

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Based in Leeds, Bobble Digital is a leading marketing agency delivering a wide range of digital marketing services for some of the biggest brands both at home and abroad.

Offering key digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, social media management and analytics services; Bobble Digital joined Clarity Stack in November 2021 with the aim of identifying new business opportunities to help them grow the business.

The problem - and the solution

An award-winning digital agency, Bobble had already got a great reputation in the UK digital marketing sector but, like most digital agencies, were struggling to identify new opportunities that they had the time to identify, pursue, pitch for and win. 

James McCann, head of business development at Bobble Digital, said “We’ve found the platform to be a useful way of acquiring additional leads we might not otherwise have come  across. 

That’s why they came to Clarity Stack. As part of our service Clarity Stack can identify new leads based on specific requirements, reducing the amount of time that businesses spend searching for leads, cold-calling business and sending out hopeful emails. 

James went on to add that “In a busy role it’s great to utilise software that removes some of the admin. Having leads delivered directly reduces the burden on outreach. Our favourite thing about the platform is the automatic notifications about new leads including succinct information about the company and what they are looking for, as well as the contact details to make immediate outreach.”

The results

“Since signing up for our subscription in November 2021, Bobble Digital has averaged 10 new leads a month across each of our services,” James told us. 

“50% of those go from being a lead to a follow-up enquiry and of that, around two go to a detailed pitch process. We have already onboarded several new clients through Clarity Stack and have more on the horizon. The conversion rate means the platform delivers significant ROI on its costs and we would recommend it to anyone looking for quality leads with minimum fuss.”

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