Bespoke Insight Delivery.

We deliver actionable insight & bespoke data generation.

Our Approach

We’ve helped clients solve all sorts of problems through data generation, analysis and insight delivery. These have included aiding the creation of customer lifecycle models, business planning, bespoke market research, data focussed story creation, competitor analysis, marketing attribution, and more.

We’ve undertaken bespoke insight projects that have ranged from 2 hours to 10 months – every project is different, but we’re able to tailor a plan to your needs to deliver the insight you require.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of business, so no matter your data set or the complexity of the challenge you’re trying to solve, we can help.

Our Clients

We're trusted by amazing brands such as:

What we do

We can solve any challenge with data

E-commerce & Sales Insight

We analyse your sales to identify trends that can be acted upon to increase your  performance

Target Audience Analysis

We help you understand your target audience to identify how to reach them in the best way

Customer Lifecycle Models

When do your customers buy, and when do they lapse? Plan based on their timescales.

Marketing Performance Analysis

Analysing how your marketing is really performing, and measuring your ROI.

Customer Segmentation

We segment your customers based on various factors to help you strategise.

Storytelling With Data

We can create stories from data, giving you great PR angles with a true hook.

Campaign Attribution Analysis

Where do your sales truly come from? Find out with campaign attribution work.

Bespoke Insight

Need to analyse a completely different issue? We’ve seen it all, and we can help.

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