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Improve productivity

Sales teams save 30% of their time on average with us.

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Increase revenue

Our clients achieve massive ROI from using our platform.

Social intelligence unveils true buying intent

Direct buying intent

Reach the decision makers seeking suppliers in your sector:

We pull in stated buying intent & intelligence to allow you to get straight to pitch stage

Find out who wants your services first, so that you can generate sales fast

Reach out at the right time with insights

Don't go in cold. Reach your prospects at the right time, based on what's happening in their business. Some of the key data we track is:

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Spending Increases

See when a company has increased their spending on a project or in a new area.

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New Decision Makers

One of the best times to make a new relationship is when a new decision maker starts a role.

Recent Investments

Learn if a company has taken investment recently, as this can lead to buying activity.

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Office Moves

Track new office moves to be able to start a conversation or pitch relevant services.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A is a key driver of business spend, so view activity so that you can get ahead.

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Coming Soon

More Insight categories coming soon!

Bid on work instantly with contracts

Search, analyse, and bid on contracts/RFP's in order to win high budget work. Any tender that is put out for suppliers to bid on can be found, and added to your list to work on.

Seamless integration with your current sales stack

Connect Clarity Stack to your existing tools with ease.

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