Company Intelligence.

We help you learn everything about any business.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on providing company intelligence reports that include information you simply cannot get elsewhere. Whether you want to know another companies pricing structure, their marketing strategy, to learn how to build a relationship with them, or anything else – our intelligence reports are for you.

From our background in the security services, we know all about how to generate actionable insight on a target. With Clarity Stack, that target will happen to be a company or a director – and we use all of the legitimate methods available to us to find out what you need to know.

Our team of researchers and analysts manually process all of the information to ensure it’s of the highest quality for your intelligence report.

What we do

We find out what others can't

Key People

Who the key people are, what drives them, and what other interests they have

Team Structure

How the team is structured, headcount changes, and key team members roles


The financial position over the last few years in terms of assets, cash and liabilities


We find out how different services and products are priced for various sales prospects

Market Positioning Studies

We analyse the position within the wider market on service levels, value & more

Key Clients

We’ll find out about as many key clients as we can in all important business areas

Digital Presence

We analyse online strategies, websites platforms, and social media channels

Terms of Business

We discover lengths of contracts, payment terms and other key terms of business

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